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Author's NotesNotes for your Contacts + an intelligent Business organizer.


Add notes to your phones Contacts and keep track of any information.
Ideal for sales people, small businesses or anyone who needs a simple and fast setup to get information recorded.

It can be useful for keeping track about customer information, or noting customer needs or a work diary / sales log.

The Google contacts on your phone are leveraged by Personizer to create a simple way to categorize your information.

On top of an easy notes organizer, it also works as an all in one Business organizer, by adding Tasks that need doing, scheduling them, and pulling in all your Google Calendar events.

It allows Tasks to be created and completed against the Contacts. So all the information is grouped by Contacts.

For example a note might record something long term about the Contact, such as a personal preference or general information. E.g.
“This customer loves the green product”
“This person always pays with cash”
“This person has an angry dog”

However a task is something we do, e.g.
“Deliver product on Friday”
“Phone them about late payment”
“Send new product info to them”

The tasks are then completed and moved into the History for this customer.

Whereas the Notes are always sticky.
Tasks can be copied straight onto your existing Calendar, so it will work with all your other existing systems and Calendars.
This gives a very easy to operate, all in one Business organizer.
Your Contacts (and contact information) is in a single place, still within Google, so there is no duplicate Contacts system.

The Contacts easily gives instant access to the Contacts details (email, phone, sms or location) information.

This contact centered workflow looks like this:
Contacts -> Notes or Tasks -> Alarm or Calendar.

This seamless workflow approach, provides an easy big picture of what’s happening, and drills right down to the smallest details, while allowing scheduling to be done via Google Calendar and instant Contacts information via Google contacts.

Here are each of the subsystems of how it achieves that:
Contacts profile (phone number, email, SMS, Location) - providing instant Communication access relevant to serving the customer, or driving (via Contacts address onto Google maps info)
Contacts notes and tasks - keeping Notes and Tasks about customers that is instantly on hand, while also knowing what actions you are taking to serve them.
Calendar - scheduling your day alongside any other Calendar events that may already exist in your phone's Calendars, because all of these events are easily viewable in one place.

Get started instantly and your contacts never leave Google.

You asked for it, so we added it. Huge new version release now has;
»Search feature
»Integrated Calendar
»Better notes handling
»Better scheduling and some sweet Contacts integration

Link to Tutorial:
Click here

Turn your Contacts into a powerful leveraging asset and get stuff done.

Prospect new opportunities, track jobs, record customer notes and now with an integrated Calendar, you can easily move tasks straight onto your Calendar, while also seeing your whole day's schedule.

Personizer replaces a bunch of apps into one easy place; Todo/Job manager, Customer notes, CRM and integrates seamlessly with your existing Contacts and Calendar.

Need extra help to get started? Grab a 15min Skype session to get assistance from us. Link to: Book here

Need more help?
»Within the app, tap the "?" icon, then tap "email us" to get help anytime.
»Talk to us live using the chat feature on the website, Link:
»Or send an email with your question through to
»Otherwise the FAQ has common questions. Link FAQ link
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Personizer: Organize your business & Contact notes APK - v3.0.15

Updated: 2020-10-18

What's new

Enabled the creation of notes in Folders
Renamed Categories to Folders
Better sample tasks descriptions
Added the categorize section to the top of the create/edit
Bug Fixes and Improvements
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3.0.15 (323)2020-10-18
3.0.13 (321)2020-10-16
3.0.12 (320)2020-10-15
3.0.10 (318)2020-10-08
3.0.8 (316)2020-10-03
3.0.4 (312)2020-09-16
2.3.42 (281)2020-03-26
2.3.41 (280)2020-03-20
2.3.37 (276)2020-03-10
2.3.36 (275)2020-03-08
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