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Author's NotesFertility calculator app to keep track of ovulation, predicts menstrual cycles


Period Tracker - Fertility, Ovulation Calendar 🌸 a convenient period tracker for women. predicts menstrual cycles, helping women to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy🤰🏼
Wondering when you had your last period? Want to know when your next period is coming?

period tracker - ovulation calendar is menstrual cycle tracker that helps you track your cycle and can reliably predict your upcoming menstruation, fertile days and ovulation. For a woman trying to conceive (TTC) we have ovulation calculator that predicts your fertile days and helps you get pregnant faster. or to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

These menstrual cycle calendars are great calculators, especially if you are trying to get pregnant. An ovulation calculator for pregnancy is available on this convenient fertility calendar app. But, for anyone who needs to make sure they are having a regular menstrual cycle, this is the perfect app to take out all the guess-work.

If you get pregnant you will find our Pregnancy mode very useful: the application will estimate your due date (EDD), will number weeks of pregnancy and will keep all the important information for you and your obstetrician-gynecologist.

It has never been easier to log periods and add symptoms: just a few clicks, and all the information on your condition is saved in Period tracker.

📑Key Features of Period tracker & Ovulation calendar cycle tracker app by Real Vision:
❤️ Free period tracker, ovulation tracker, and fertility tracker. Predict your next cycle, period days and PMS.
❣️Log the start and the end date of menstruation, log your symptoms, signs of ovulation, flow, moods and more.
👩🏼‍💻Track your fertility days, irregular periods and know your chance to get pregnant.
🤔Analyze the history of your cycle and period length to observe trends and irregularities
🙇🏻‍♀️Reminders for the next periods, ovulation days. Pill reminders for birth control.
👨🏼‍⚕️Health tips to help you know more about your bod

Reminders and notifications of your upcoming period, ovulation and fertile days.
Contraceptive pills reminder (includes pills, ring, patch & injections)

Yearly menstrual calendar with your menstrual cycle for every month of the year.
Monthly cycle calendar with your period, fertile days and ovulation day clearly marked.

Ovulation symptoms, how to get pregnant fast, fertile symptoms tracker, like cervical firmness, cervical mucus, cervical opening
Check your odds of conceiving each day for better family planning
It is the birth control app, spot on tracking the period & fertile days

- The daily calendar planner lets you save information on flow, intercourse, symptoms, moods, infertility, temperature, weight, medicine, PMS, other diary notes
- Easily move between calendar days
- Notifications for upcoming period, fertility windows or ovulation
- Protect your period calendar using a unique PIN code

📊 How This Ovulation Calculator Works:
- First of all, a woman should have an idea about how long is her menstrual cycle, if she didn’t know her menstrual cycle, then in average cases women have 23-25 days of the menstrual cycle
- Very next, in this period calculator, a woman should have to enter how long is her last period (bleeding of the period usually lasts between 4-7 days)
- Then, a woman should have to enter how did her last period start
- Finally, hit the ‘Get Started’ button of our ovulation calculator
- Right after, you come to know about your chances of getting pregnant as this period calculator shows your next periods date, next ovulation date, Safe Days, and also about your fertile period.

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Your feedback will be used in future updates.

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Period Tracker - Fertility, Ovulation Calendar APK - v1.0

Updated: 2020-10-08

1.0 (1)2020-10-08


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