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Author's NotesWhat's the name and the altitude of that mountain? Find out with PeakVisor!


PeakVisor is your official guide to mountain names and altitudes in your viewing area. Just point your phone at nearby mountains, immediately discover their namesakes and the height of their summits. It’s simple to use and is the best peak recognition app on the market!

Whether you’re sipping coffee on a veranda overlooking the Swiss Alps, or hiking a leaf-covered trail in the Colorado Rockies, discover the majestic beauty of the mountains that surround you. Explore these geological wonders, thousands of years in the making.


Wherever you are in nature, pull out your phone, open up PeakVisor, point it at the horizon and instantly get the name and elevation of the surrounding mountains.

* A perfect companion for any mountain area travels worldwide.
* Always know which mountain you’re seeing and at what elevation.
* Share information with friends when taking and sending photos.


*Mountain Identification*
The most convenient way to know what peaks do you see now or recognise peaks in an old photo. Our database contains more than 900 thousand peaks, castles, and mountain huts. Many objects are accompanied by short text description and photos. One app - all the mountains!

*Offline Ready*
All data can be downloaded for offline use. You don’t have to worry about cellular connection while you’re on top of the world!

*3D Mountain Panorama*
Your phone camera is augmented with a high precision 3D mountain panorama rendered for your current location. Its built-in compass can be easily adjusted. Share engaging photos using this feature.

*3D Compass and Altimeter*
The app includes a high-tech 3D compass and an altimeter, that accurately measures the elevation of any mountain peak that comes into view...

*Sun Trail*
A sun trail identifies the current position of the Sun, shown pictured on top of the camera view. It helps adjusting the compass and planning your trip.

*Photo Sharing*
Share more engaging photos of your mountain adventures. Our photo feature within the app allows you to send your favorite mountain horizon shots with mountain tags overlay, naming summits and providing their heights right in your photographs!
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What's new

It was a long and complex journey. This is a major release targeting performance improvements required for the 3D maps. Also, we’ve added hiking trails and walking paths into the 3D compass. Please contact us if you notice any issues at
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