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Author's NotesMultiplayer & single player password party game, guess with one word clues


Enjoy a fun guess the word game with Password Game – One Word Clues. This addicting password game will keep you guessing words after words. Clues are given after 30 seconds to bring you closer to figuring out the Password! Stay entertained anywhere with single player mode, and compete to guess the Password first with friends and family using multiplayer. Multiplayer is exciting for both large and small groups, and can be played with 4+ people. Great for parties, hangouts, and many other gatherings and celebrations!

How to Play:

- Single players must guess the word (Password), given only a one-word clue (you have 30 seconds to guess!)
- After each guess, the player can reveal an additional clue
- A total of 5 clues can be revealed for each Password level
- When the player guesses correctly, they will move on to the next level
- Multiplayers divide into 2 teams of 2+ players
- One player gives their teammates the clue and they must guess the Password
- If the teammates guess incorrectly, it’s up to the other team to give the next clue


- More than 800 unique passwords to unlock for single players
- Over 2000 multiplayer passwords
- Multiplayer mode enables 4+ friends to compete together
- Choose the number of rounds: 3, 5, or 10
- Fun for all ages: kids, teens, & adults
- Play offline and take the fun anywhere!
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Password Game - Guess with One Word Clues APK - v1.3

Updated: 2020-11-13

1.3 (4)2020-11-13
1.2 (3)2020-06-23