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This app is the core Paintology app that offers powerful digital drawing capabilities and drawing tutorials with access to our social community. Learn drawing, share your artwork, like, follow, and get connected with other like-minded users.

Paintology is a new and exciting online drawing app which is unique and different from other online drawing apps you will find online. You will be creating artwork unlike before with unique features only built into this app.

Not only is this app makes digital drawing easier with more intuitive controls and 20 brush types, but you can also vary the opacity to obtain an infinite number of effects.

Paintology has one mission only and that is to make everyone an artist!

Online Drawing Tutorials

We believe no other app offers drawing tutorials as we have on the Paintology app. You won’t be left with an empty canvas. Get your creative juices fired up with a lot of examples of art through our detailed online drawing tutorials

- Have access to over 100 tutorials all free to suit many skill levels
- Daily updates to the online drawing tutorials so that you never run out of stuff to do
- Choose your difficulty amongst the different levels as the app has something to interest everyone here. Beginners can have fun learning in connecting the dots or painting by numbers
- Create your own drawing tutorials so that your friends and family can follow them, stroke by stroke
- Read articles about the history of art

Powerful Online Drawing App

With the trace and overlay digital drawing capability integrated within the app, you can try many of our online drawings, designed to build up your drawing skills rapidly. Why spend hundreds of dollars on online drawing courses when you can use this app to take your drawing skills to a whole new level? From absolute beginners to advanced artists’ tools, we have something for all.

Use our unique strokes tutorials that overcomes the biggest beginners drawing dilemma, ‘I just can’t draw’. You will be pleasantly surprised when you try this unique online drawing tutorial not available anywhere else.

So you are a traditional artist - So was the man who made Paintology. Understanding the issues that these great artists were facing, Paintology was created to offer tools that will enable anyone who is not tech-savvy to pick up the app and create amazing art.

Already a digital artist? Take advantage of creative ways to share your work, for example, creating your own unique drawing tutorials, sharing your artwork with integrated recording.

Drawing Modes:

- Canvas mode - select up to 20 brushes with settings for unlimited capacity. You will be surprised how much you can do with just one brush!
- Overlay mode - Pull up your favorite photo, paint over it, and share it with your friends and family. We use this to create many online drawing tutorials on Paint by Numbers, Connect the dots, Coloring books, and so on.
- Trace mode - Want to draw realistically? Then learn from the many video digital tutorials and develop your skills further.
- Inspiration - You won’t be short of ideas because the app has hundreds of cartoon drawings, online sketch, pencil sketch, digital paintings, design drawings, scale drawings, paintings, and many more creatives pre-installed that are easily accessible.

Draw while you are on the move!

No need for larger devices for digital drawing. Our accurate pinch zoom feature allows you to comfortably use this app on smaller devices.

Continuous Development in Progress:

As we are packing many features into this app, we are determined to make this app a success and possibly redefine the way people look and do digital drawings. You can rest assured that this app will continue its development to be optimized to support more devices, more features, more tutorials that you will continue to enjoy in the future.

Recently launched features:

- An integrated social community for art, photography lovers.
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Paintology - Draw, Paint & Socialize APK - v1.40

Updated: 2020-10-02

What's new

New gray scale drawing mode, improved interface, minor bug fixes
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1.40 (41)2020-10-02
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