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Author's NotesOZOM, control your home from anywhere.


OZOM is a simple and convenient solution to turn your home into a Smart Home. With an entire set of smart sensors, lights, plugs, and other connected products you can take control and interact with your home from anywhere. The OZOM system is an easy to set up DIY solution that allows you to create an individual Smart Home in an instant and grow it by adding new products later.

Use this app to conveniently set up and operate your OZOM smart devices*.

This app allows you to:

- receive notification from the smart sensors in your home when your doors, windows, or cabinets are being opened.
- receive alerts on your phone when smart sensors in your home detect smoke, CO or water.
- check the cameras in your home to see if your kids returned home safely.
- monitor your home environment from a distance.
- operate lights in your house to simulate your presence at home or save energy.
- choose between several Smart Modes to customize notifications and alerts.
- control several places (your home, office, summer cabin) all from one account.

You can do all of the above and more from anywhere in the world with just your smartphone, connected to the Internet. Download the app and start building your smart home today.

*This app requires that you have an OZOM Box.
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OZOM APK - v1.7.1

Updated: 2019-12-22

What's new

- Improve video snapshots uploading status report
- Added microphone permission request for 2 way audio communication
- Support for illuminance reporting device
- Improved reachable/unreachable events for specific devices
- Bug fixing and performance improvement
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1.7.1 (81500115)2019-12-22
1.7.1 (21500115)2018-11-29
1.7.1 (31500115)2019-08-08
1.7.0 (21500113)2018-05-23
1.6.10 (21500109)2018-05-08
1.6.9 (21500107)2018-04-17
1.6.7 (21500104)2018-03-03
1.6.6 (21500103)2018-03-01
1.6.5 (21500098)2018-02-22
1.6.4 (21500097)2017-12-20
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