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Author's NotesMountain Weather Forecasts


OpenSummit is your trusted source for the best mountain weather forecast, high-resolution map overlays, and trail conditions information.

Conveniently displayed on your Android device, find the latest 5-day hourly forecast for your favorite locations, receive estimated trail conditions, and view our high-resolution maps, all at your fingertips.

Forecasts for Mountains, Not Nearby Towns

Most weather apps only provide forecasts for nearby towns. With OpenSummit, you'll receive hourly forecasts for the actual mountain location (and elevation). This means that our precipitation, lightning, temperature, and wind forecasts are more accurate when planning your next mountain objective.

Plan With Confidence

Choose the safest day and time for your adventure. We color-code detailed hourly data so that you can quickly find your best weather window. 5-day hourly forecasts include the chance of precipitation, chance of lightning, temperature, wind speed & direction, and cloud cover.

Know Trail Conditions In Advance

We use recent weather conditions to estimate if the trail is muddy, a little wet, or dry, and we update this every hour. But don’t take our word – we offer one-click access to a visual history of precipitation and temperature during the past 24 hours so that you can make your own call.

High-Resolution Maps

We make it easy (and beautiful) to see if there is precipitation and wildfire smoke heading toward your favorite mountain, or if there is snow cover nearby. And take a peek into the future with our 18-hour forecast animations for precipitation, wildfire smoke, and temperatures.

All-Access Features Include:

• 5-Day Hourly Forecasts
• Estimated Trail Conditions
• Wildfire Smoke Forecast
• Current & Forecast Radar
• Estimated Snow Depth Map
• Temperature Forecast Map
• OpenSnow All-Access

Carbon Removal Commitment

To help mitigate the threat of climate change, we have committed 1% of our All-Access subscription sales to the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its sequestration in secure, long-term storage.

"If you’re looking for a great weather app for snow and mountains, then look no further than OpenSnow & OpenSummit." - Chris Davenport, Pro Skier

"If you are a person who likes to hike, bike or just visit the high country and want to have the most accurate weather forecast at various elevations, OpenSummit is absolutely the best app" - App Review

"I am using the weather and map features to plan everything from bike rides to hikes to backpacking trips. The satellite map overlay is awesome, and so is the basecamp feature with an at a glance look at your favorite mountains. Love OpenSummit!" - App Review
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OpenSummit APK - v1.4.4

Updated: 2021-01-25

What's new

Thanks for using OpenSummit! This update includes:

• All-Access Single Subscription
• All-Access Group Subscription
• Other minor improvements & bug fixes

Please help us improve the app even more by sending feedback to

Also, if you enjoy the app, please rate it and write a review. Thank you!
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