Sign anywhere and anytime with cloud based qualified digital certificate.



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Author's NotesSign anywhere and anytime with cloud based qualified digital certificate.


What is Halcom OneSign?

The Halcom OneSign mobile application is designed as a universal identifier that provides an excellent user experience and high level of safety. It enables quick and simple two-stage authentication and digital signing of documents using cloud-based digital signatures.

The outstanding user experience supported by two-factor authentication supports digital signing of XML documents, PDF documents and creating hash values of the documents' contents. Halcom OneSign allows users to sign documents anywhere and anytime (24/7), using customized vizualization to ensure compliance with the 'What You See Is What You Sign' (WYSIWYS) concept.

The application is fully compliant with the GDPR, eIDAS and PSD2 (Payment Service Directive).

User benefits:

1. Highest level of security of digital signing; compliance with all relevant regulations,
2. Digital signing increases mobility (the mobile phone is always at hand),
3. Excellent user experience (the user sees what he signs) and simple signing procedure.
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OneSign APK - v1.4.0

Updated: 2021-01-09

What's new

Our latest version includes bug fixes. Thanks for using OneSign.
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1.4.0 (10040000)2021-01-09
1.3.3 (10030003)2020-10-18
1.3.0 (10030000)2020-08-05
1.1.2 (101020)2020-02-13
1.1.1 (101010)2020-02-10