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Author's NotesVerizon One Talk. One Business number connecting mobile and office phones.


One Talk connects your office and mobile devices with one number. Use your One Talk phone number on multiple devices including One Talk desk phones, compatible Smart Phones and tablets or the Mobile app. With over 25 features, here are just a few ways One Talk works for you.

· Call Move – Move active calls between devices without interruption.
· 6-Way Conference –Merge up to 6 participants for a conference call.
· Mobile Call Management –Transfer, Forward or create conference calls.
· Video Calling – For when you need to be face to face.
· Messaging – Messages are synced across up to 5 Smartphone or Tablet devices
· Do Not Disturb - silences incoming calls on that device

Get Started:

1. Subscribe to the Verizon One Talk service through our Business or Retail Sales Agents
2. Download One Talk and install the app.
3. Enter the One Talk phone number and device nickname
4. Select Request PIN and check your email for your activation PIN
i. It’s the email address your One Talk administrator set up on the account
5. Enter your PIN and complete the profile setup
6. Using the One Talk app, start calling and messaging using your One Talk phone number!

See how One Talk can help your business. Visit for more information or to contact a rep.
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One Talk APK - v8.2.4

Updated: 2021-02-10

8.2.4 (10198)2021-02-10
8.1.0 (10193)2020-12-23
7.4.3 (10182)2020-09-12
7.3.1 (10177)2020-07-23
7.1.1 (10168)2020-06-08
7.0.7 (10164)2020-05-22
6.1.9 (10156)2020-02-01
6.1.6 (10152)2019-12-06
6.1.5 (10139)2019-09-30
5.10.0 (10102)2019-04-02
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