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Author's NotesMillions of ebook resources including all various of novels.


NovelCat Features Analysis:

1. Hot new books are on the shelves, Super Sweetheart of the CEO Daddy,Boss, Please Behave Yourself,My Lord, My Domineering CEO President,Say You Love Me,The Deserted Bride,Till the Day You Leave Me……every book is in a high-quality selection and ready for you to have a feast.
2. Abundant Resources
We have integrated millions of resources to meet the needs of different readers. Fantasy, modern, power, martial arts, and spirituality... there always have one is your taste; urban love, overbearing president, cross-fantasy, campus romance, funny anime, wealthy and influential clan, spiritual fairy, rebirth in palace...the most charming one will go into your heart.
Personalized recommendation for high-quality books, custom-made your exclusive list. The multi-dimensional list recommends the best works for our readers. No traps and read happy.
4. Ranking List
All kinds of sought-after books by thousands of readers, our ranking list tells you the hottest books right this moment.
5.Writer Center
Writing channel is open. If you are junior novel author, you are welcomed. Share your story through NovelCat to obtain your own fans.
6. Synchronization Update
Read ahead by providing you the latest new chapters. The whole network of popular novels are updating with the authors simultaneously.
7. Personality Settings
Reading background, font size, font design, night mode, page flip effect, word spacing and more to create freely by yourself, providing you a comfortable reading experience.
8. Unique Experience
Simple and clear style, easy operation and fast handling, pleasantly leading you to the wonderful reading world. It's also easy to manage your favorite books.

Writer Center :
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NovelCat - Read fiction & Write your story APK - v1.7.0

Updated: 2020-11-26

What's new

New version of NovelCat is coming!
What's New~
1. Hot latest novels are released on APP. Don't miss it~
2. Personalized smart recommendations are added. Customize your own tendencies;
3. Recommended choices are increased on multiple pages. Provide you more interesting stories;
4. Book updated reminders are complemented on bookshelf. Get exciting contents instantly;
5. Bugs fixed and performance optimized.
One-click update, unlock new version, and enjoy reading in NovelCat!
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