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Nōtan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. The Yin Yang symbol is an example of this design philosophy. The use of Nōtan in art composition is a powerful tool to help the artist identify the light and dark portions of the image they want to incorporate into their project. NotanIzer does this in 3 ways.

The first function simply divides the image at 50% of bright/dark. You can then use the slider to move that line to enhance detail that may otherwise be obscured.

The second function displays the image in a grayscale color palette so the artist can focus on the structure and design of the image.

The third is a 3 level version. Breaks down your image into 3 adjustable levels of brightness.

The fourth is a 4 level version just like the 3 level.

And finally there is the new Levels. Breaks it down into even levels from 3 to 10.

And of course, share your image in many ways.

Any artist will benefit from seeing their work in a different light. NotanIzer is that light.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure there is at least 20mb of memory available on your device as making adjustments can be memory intensive.
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What's new

Attempting to fix bug related to importing images for some users.
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