Trip planning, time alerts, showing direction on map, and trip plan sharing.



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Author's NotesTrip planning, time alerts, showing direction on map, and trip plan sharing.


Nice Trip is an easy-to-use and powerful trip planning program running on mobile devices. With Nice Trip, a user can:

1. Easily setup a complex trip plan in a matter of minutes! For example, a 7-day trip, which has 50 sites, will be ready within 10 minutes. This can be achieved through "adding site from map" feature, which supports one-click entries for 7 types of sites. For most of the sites, specified arrival / departure time is optional. With the help of the 'auto time calculation' feature, users only need to set how long they want to stay on the sites, the system will calculate the arrival / departure time on the sites and the time spent on transportation.

2. Easily adjust the schedule during the trip.

3. Get turn by turn directions (online / offline) to each place through integrated Navigation applications, and launch Uber by one click with destination entered.

4. Get alerts before a specified time of the arrival / departure time, so that a flight / bus, performance, celebration, meeting, check-in / checkout, and other set-time events will not be missed.

5. Compare the hotel price on the map and complete booking.

6. Show the restaurants or gas stations on the map near a place.

7. Categorize all the pictures taken during the trip by places.

8. Show the trip routes on the map, all the days can be displayed together using different color schemes, or they can be displayed day by day.

9. Get accurate arrival /departure time even if the trip crosses multiple time zones.

10. Retrieve the weather forecast information for every site in your trip, and the weather forecast is provided based on the arrival / departure time of each site.

11. Retrieve sunrise/sunset local time of every site.

12. Share your trip plan with other people using an assigned access code. The trip plan can be viewed by other people once it is shared by the owner. This feature is very helpful if you are taking a group trip with several other families, as it will be easier for every member to discuss and plan a clear schedule for the whole trip.

13. Directly call the airport, hotel, restaurant and other business places in the trip.

14. Multi-language is supported.
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Nice Trip APK - v2.0.48

Updated: 2019-08-29

What's new

Fixed the issue that an empty trip cannot be uploaded.
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2.0.48 (920048)2019-08-29
2.0.30 (920030)2019-04-09
2.0.17 (20017)2018-11-18
2.0.15 (20015)2018-10-26
1.0.43 (10043)2018-08-28
1.0.40 (10040)2018-08-08
1.0.38 (10038)2018-08-07
1.0.36 (10036)2018-08-06
1.0.35 (10035)2018-08-04
1.0.33 (10033)2018-08-02

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