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Android 4.4 - KitKat
SecurityBrowser will provide a more access control to detailed Office365.

In the "next set security browser for Office365" move in conjunction with the "next set single sign-on for Office365", it is a secure browser. I will provide a more advanced and security access control to detailed Office365.

Single Sign-On with · Office365
Security policy enforcement by, personalized / organization another of the control
And use control of the global IP address / terminal ID Unit
· URL to use site control by the filter
Data download ban / cache & Cookei Clear
· Character of the prohibition of copy and paste
Automatic deletion of clipboard
· Automatic login availability
And printing ban
Address URL bar availability of
· The entire shared bookmark / personal bookmark availability of
Automatic logout function
The acquisition and by the administrator of the user access log
Mail & Calendar New data notification function

The user can to keep doing the registration and terminal application of account that you want to access in advance
Network that is authorized from the next time, if the terminal, ID, without placing a password
Simply by pressing the sign-in button is available each service of Office365, such as e-mail and calendar!

1. launch the app
Tap the "Account Management" in the top screen
2. account management to the display
Tap the "not registered"
3.Account registration display
Enter input to the "e-mail address" to the e-mail address or "Employee ID", "domain"
Enter a password in the "Password"
Check out "log in with this account."
Tap the "registration"
4. Tap the e-mail address that you entered earlier in account management
5. account registration display
Tap the "registration of the terminal information"
6. note of registration of the terminal terminal display
Tap the "registration"
7. Enter your purpose
Tap to "register"
Registration display 8. terminal terminal
Tap "OK"
To 9.Top screen
Tap to "Office365 to sign in to the"

SecurityBrowser for Office365 Nextset APK - v3.72

: 2020-10-31

3.71 Supported IMEI for client certificate issuing function (Excluding Android 10 and above)
3.70 Supported MAC address for terminal control and client certificate issuing function
3.61 Operation improvement correspondence
3.60 Supports client certificate application / issue function
3.56 Fixed bug where application permission status is not displayed on the top screen
3.55 Operation improvement correspondence

3.72 (100)2020-10-31
3.71 (99)2020-09-28
3.70 (98)2020-03-03
3.61 (97)2020-02-15
3.60 (96)2019-12-02
3.56 (95)2019-08-29
3.55 (93)2019-06-24
3.54 (92)2019-03-28
3.53 (91)2019-03-21
3.52 (90)2019-03-15