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Author's NotesThis application designed to be your companion in meditation


This application designed to be your companion in meditation.Once you start the Application it becomes your guru and helps you in reciting the mantras correctly.It provides remedies for planets which are giving trouble.All information provided is well researched and well tried and prescribed as remedies in vedic astrology for increasing the power of planets/luck.

Features of Application:

1.Simple User Interface
2.Mantra for All planets in your pocket.
3.Can play mantra in Background, in sleep mode.
4.Remedies for each planet
5.Provides option for repetitions of mantra.
6.A unified mantra (All 9 mantras will be played).

List of Divine Mantras in this App:
1.Surya Beej Mantra (SUN)
2.Chandra Beej Mantra(MOON)
3.Mangal Beej Mantra(MARS)
4.Budh Beej Mantra (MERCURY)
5.Brahaspati Beej Mantra (JUPITER)
6.Shukra Beej Mantra(VENUS)
7.Shani Beej Mantra(SATURN)
8.Rahu Beej Mantra (SHADOW PLANET)
9.Ketu Beej Mantra (SHADOW PLANET)
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Navagraha Shanti Mantras APK - v1.3

Updated: 2017-02-25

What's new

1.2 fixed crashing when app is running in background
added notification when mantras are played

1.1 fixed Minor Bugs
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