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Author's NotesStressing day?Things not working out? Going nowhere?Its time to take a break. Just give it a moment to yourself.Take a...




Stressing day?

Things not working out? Going nowhere?

Its time to take a break. Just give it a moment to yourself.

Take a break and check this nature gallery that will relax and inspire you to overcome any problems or just to inspire you for your next task. Your instincts will be grateful

In this gallery you'll find beautiful pictures of nature backgrounds that will create a peace of mind and body in you for a moment.

Green mountains, gorgeus beaches, flowing water, amazing animals... those images that make you feel good instantl, those images that connect you with the nature, the place where we all come from, sadly we forget about it in our daily life so busy with our jobs and problems we face everyday.

But take a moment, check the miracles that mother nature created for all living beings in the world.

After it you'll start to feel a little bit better. You'll feel that the problems are not as big and that you can handle better, after all we have evolved during 4 billions of years, nature thrives and so can you.

Again after reflecting the problems wont seem that big after all. Nature was here before them and will continue after no matter what, thats life and thats world

So keep this handy and whenever you have a problem, escape for a moment. Be what you are supposed to be, a joyful human trying to have a better life with your people.

And that is not all.

Did you also know that colour green enhances your creativity? That's right, studies have been made on that topic. By just having plants around or taking a look to green natural color you can become around a 20% more creative in a matter of minutes. That's amazing.

Achieving this enhanced creativity just couldn’t be easier: Just look at something green, like this beautiful gallery and be ready to get relaxed and more creative.

After all we come from nature, even if we are disconnected from it most of our lives, because thats where everything begins and end. And the green is what sparks our inner triggers.

Thats where we belong, thats our home, thats us.

So breather, and enjoy nature and your life.


All the images were taken from unsplash photographic archive, which provides the images gently.

Remember: When you need some inspiration, take a look to what nature can do. And remember you are part of it, everybody is part of it and we need to protect it.
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