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Author's NotesA guided solution to paying your nanny legally. Generate paychecks and more.


If you employ a nanny or caretaker, save time, frustration and money when navigating the nanny tax. Schedule upcoming work, track time, create paychecks, generate required reports, and get timely reminders. Use it when and where it's most convenient.

Our solution advises you on the steps you need to take in order to pay your nanny or babysitter legally. You'll save a fortune over a full service payroll provider such as HomePay by or HomeWork Solutions. Developed as an affordable solution for on the go parents by on the go parents.

What Paycheck Nanny Provides:

* An Affordable alternative to high priced full service payroll services.
* Mobile Solution - use the tools when and where it's most convenient.
* Guidance - Our solution advises you on the steps you need take in order to pay your nanny legally.
* Intuitive Tools all in one app - Scheduler, time tracker, paystub maker, and household employer advisor. Easily email or Save your generated paystubs to Google Drive right from your device.
* Supports multiple caretakers, nannies, or other household employees.

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Paycheck Nanny: DIY Pay, Time, Taxes APK - v3.9.1

Updated: 2021-01-14

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Rebranding. Introducing your Paycheck Nanny!
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3.9.1 (94)2021-01-14
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