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OS RequireAndroid 8.x - Oreo
Author's NotesFor Tonies, Tonieboxes, & more.


The Tonie-App makes your Toniebox even easier to use!

Once registered, new users can use the app to activate their Toniebox. Existing users can use the app to access various features of their Toniebox, Tonies and Creative-Tonies content.

The Tonie-App features:

Tonie Collection
Swipe through your Tonies and Creative-Tonies. Add new Tonies to your household.

Use the recording function to record stories or favorite songs for your little listener. Download this content onto a Creative-Tonie for a truly custom Toniebox experience.

Keep track of your recordings and content. You can also make edits, change the order, or assign content to different Tonies.

Control Panel
Change the settings for your Toniebox including its name, maximum volume, or the Wi-Fi network.

Household Management
Invite new members to join your household or give existing members the authorization to edit individual Creative-Tonies.

Try it yourself and see what you can do with the Tonie-App! Check back regularly to see what new functions and surprises have been added.
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mytonies APK - v1.0.7

Updated: 2020-10-28

What's new

Everything is brand-new. The design, the operating concept, the connection to mytonies – we worked hard to make everything fun and functional.
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1.0.7 (27)2020-10-28
1.0.5 (26)2020-10-21
1.0.4 (23)2020-10-11
1.0.3 (21)2020-10-01
1.0.2 (20)2020-09-29
1.0.1 (19)2020-09-24