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Author's NotesRe-imagination of SRPG in real-time action!


★Re-imagination of SRPG in real-time action

Mystery of fortune is the 6th episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. You can choose characters from the SRPG, Rebirth of Fortune 2 in this new real-time action game.

You can enjoy exciting stories and explore dungeons to find monsters gone underworld after Rebirth of Fortune, Sorcerer of Fortune, Defense of Fortune, Rebirth of Fortune 2 and Sorceress of Fortune.


1. 25 available fighting units and 35+ kinds of various enemy monsters.
2. A real-time battle action that allows more strategies.
3. Tons of equipments with collectables.
4. Eternal stages and competitive system.
5. Beautiful and charming 2D graphics.


1. Every battle in this game happens automatically. Players can set up a strategy, upgrade units or equip items before the battle starts.

2. Before you start battle, you need to assign AIs named battle macro to your units. You can mix and use conditions and actions like ‘Use skill 1 when you encounter an enemy’ or ‘Heal yourself when HP is below 50%’. Then you can set up strategies that are optimized to each dungeon.

3. In the Pub, you can get hints about a dungeon from the master, hire new units, drink beer or enjoy mini games like monster race.

4. Once a battle starts, players watch it. If needed, you can use items to recover HP or ether.

5. Once you defeat every enemy in current floor, you can advance to the next floor. If you lost every unit, the exploring ends there.

6. After the exploring ends, you can get gold and items which you can use to upgrade your corps.

★This app support tablet mode.
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Mystery of Fortune AD APK - v1.116

Updated: 2020-07-08

What's new

Fixed crash bugs.
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