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myHealthCheck360 guides you on your journey to a healthier life. Access your personal health information to uncover the risks your body may be hiding. Work directly with our bilingual Health Coaches to improve your health or overcome your habits including unhealthy eating, nicotine use, and more. Track activity towards your company’s wellness challenges, connect with friends and colleagues with custom 1-on-1 challenges, and earn badges for hitting milestones.

Nutrition trackers
* Barcode scanning makes it easy to search and log your food, and keep track of your health.
* We have over 550,000 foods in our database, with brand names and common foods to ensure that you’ll find your favorites.

Activity & Health tracking
* Track your exercise, steps, weight, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, glucose, nicotine, and more.

Health challenges
* Participate in company-wide health challenges with and against your colleagues. Create your own fun challenges and have fun getting healthy.

Biometric surveys and screenings
* Take your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) survey on the go with the myHealthCheck360 app
* Access your biometric screening results
* Earn a score based on your results and gain access to ways to improve

Lifestyle Rewards
* Be healthy, get rewarded.
* Whether it’s going to the doctor, running a 5k, or logging your nutrition habits, you’ll be eligible for credits and monetary rewards based on your organization’s preferences.
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myHealthCheck360 APK - v3.3.11

Updated: 2021-02-10

What's new

Hey Healthcheckers! We have updated our labels for clarity and consistency. Watch out for more exciting updates coming soon!
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