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Author's NotesMineBuild your blocky world in this crafting & building game. In Survival mode explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons;...




MineBuild your blocky world in this crafting & building game. In Survival mode explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons; construct your shelter save yourself from furious creatures like zombies, tiger, bear & more. Create your own 3d cube worlds in exploration world journey. Unlimited fun in absolutely free building games.

Survival Craft Game
Survival in adventure worlds of savanna & greenland would be very challenging specially at nights. Spiders, scorpions, wolf, lion, zombie villager are few active mobs that will make your survival crazy.
In minicraft world start your journey use 3d blocks, craft items survive from eatable mobs and culminate your hunger in this survival and exploration game.
Game will be like a battle craft when you have to battle with different dangerous mobs like zombie villagers, lion, tiger etc.
Survival in infinite Animal world! In world of Wildcraft you will encounter Zombies, Predators. Be prepared for different intense weather condition.

Crafting Worlds in MyCraft! Free Sandbox Game:
► Savanna is a biome in overworld, It has greenish-brown grass and is scattered with acacia trees. So, get free Savanna Craft experience with this Game.
► Wintercraft exploration and ice craft exploration for building adventure in snowy moutains.

BuildCraft: Craft and Build
Craft & build your shelter find and gether resources for your hunger to survive in a dark forest where mobs like: wolf, snake, spiders and many more dangreous animals are waiting to hunt.
Hunt those animals before they take you down and destroy your build world. With the blocks build your creative world that you have idealised.

Mobs and their behaviours in My Craft.
►Neutral Mobs -- Neural mobs are attacking & sometimes they behave like passive mobs and they can come to kill you suvive from them if they attack. Pixel block animals are snake, scorpion, tiger and more.
►Passive Mobs -- Cow, sheep, chicken etc. these are friendly animals they won't hurt you.
►Boss Mobs -- Its time to use your weapons like swords & guns because your real enemies are here tiger, bear, pixel zombies & villagers will attack you suvive and conquer your suvival craft.

Creative World Features:
✔ Biomes exploration: Greenery, snowy mountains, grassy forest and savanna craft exploration is waiting for you.
✔ Creative mastercraft to build houses, bedroom, living room, hotel and anything you want to have in your blocky world.
✔ Plenty of craft materials e.g green block, mega bloks, stone, ice blocks, sand block, lava blocks, diamond block etc.
✔ Drive your own vehicles, build perfect structures & castles, explore beautiful cube worlds. Mine to the earth core if you want to find the most rare resources & Become an adventurer.
✔ Mining for creative worlds with amazing tools like guns, axe, hoe, sword, spade and more.

Create World of Cubes for city building, house building and more .Build worldcraft from pixel block, 3d cubes, mining tools & crafting materials in this free sandbox game.
Don't wait and let's start playing this building game.

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* Surviving in 3D pixel world.
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