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Author's NotesFully-pointed Hebrew Tanach, resizable text, bookmarks, social media sharing


Study the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) with My Tanach, featuring crisp Hebrew text
with precise placement of Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks. Then add
just those additional texts and features that you want with a selection of
in-app purchases.

My Tanach includes:

* Hebrew text of Torah (Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im (Prophets), Ketuvim
(Writings), displayed in either flowing text or verse-by-verse format
* Continuously resizable text for comfortable viewing on all devices
* Easy navigation to all books of the Bible
* Long press on any chapter number to go directly to any chapter/verse
* Bookmark verses
* Sort bookmarks by most recent or by book
* Copy or share a verse or range of verses to social media, such as Facebook
and Twitter
* Choice of English or Hebrew user interface
* Night mode

With in-app purchases, you can personalize My Tanach with:

* Search feature. Lets you search the entire text of the Tanach, or any book
or chapter, for specific words, phrases, prefixes or suffixes.
* Chumash index to go directly to weekly and special Torah readings,
Haftarah readings.
* Notes feature. Add a note to a verse in Hebrew, English or any other
language supported on your device. Copy/paste text from the Tanach into a
note (Hebrew can include nekudot (vowels) and te’amim (cantillation marks).
* Modern English translation of the entire Tanach, which can be displayed
side-by-side with the Hebrew Tanach text, by itself, or in conjunction with
other purchased texts.
* Rashi's commentary on the entire Tanach, in Hebrew, with 'Rashi script' as
a display option. Rashi's commentary on the Torah also includes nekudot
(vowels). The Rashi commentary can be displayed side-by-side with the Hebrew
Tanach text, or in conjunction with other purchased texts.
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My Tanach (Hebrew Bible) APK - v2.0.6

Updated: 2019-10-25

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