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Author's NotesThe official mobile app for Roehl employees!


The official mobile app for Roehl employees! If you are not currently a Roehl driver, please visit for more information.

My Roehl provides two-way messaging, load dispatch and updates, and the ability to submit paperwork and photos for accidents and claims to the back office. We walk you through the process with necessary data input and allow you to take photos or upload saved photos for your accident or claim submission.

Upon submitting documents, and accident and/or claim information you will receive a unique confirmation number and email notification enabling you to view your images for up to 14 days.

Image optimization will improve legibility even for carbon-copied documents and documents with light gray text on a color background (blue, yellow, green, pink, etc.)

Features & Functionality:
* Accept or reject loads
* One-swipe load status updates
* Two-way communication directly with dispatch and Safety
* Scan and doc type images
* Optimized image quality - Crop, rotate, lighten or darken an image for better image quality
* Quality check – automatically evaluates, scores and validates image quality before submission.
* Handle accident and claim submissions from your device
* View your settlements
* Compresses document image(s) for fast transmission and minimal data plan usage
* Allow multiple documents to be scanned & sent together
* No-hassle automatic app updates
* myPilot app Integration with Proximity Awareness technology
* CAT Scale app Integration
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My Roehl APK - v4.1.8.1

Updated: 2020-04-08

What's new

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
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