My PT Hub enables PT’s & fitness pro’s to manage their clients.



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Author's NotesMy PT Hub enables PT’s & fitness pro’s to manage their clients.


My PT Hub is an online web and mobile application, enabling personal trainers & fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, whilst tracking their progress and achievements.

My PT Hub has been designed by Fitness Professionals, for Fitness Professionals to make sure you get everything you need. You and your clients can access the software & app, anytime, anywhere from any device! Your clients can log their workouts, nutrition and progress photos, plus share their activity synchronised from Google Fit making it easy for you to track their achievements. So when we say everything, we mean everything!

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: This app is a companion app for your account on My PT Hub Web Application. An online account is required. If you're a client, ask your trainer for your account details so you can log into this app.
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My PT Hub APK - v1.10.5

Updated: 2020-11-16

1.10.5 (505968)2020-11-16
1.10.2 (505260)2020-11-03
1.10.1 (504877)2020-10-21
1.9.7 (504506)2020-10-10
1.9.6 (504113)2020-09-30
1.9.5 (503778)2020-09-18
1.9.4 (503690)2020-09-02
1.9.2 (503358)2020-08-26
1.9.0 (502826)2020-08-11
1.8.1 (502563)2020-07-28
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