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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesCome on! Become a cool zombie reaper!


Dear zombie hunter, the world has been destroyed, you are our last hope, zombies occupied our home completely, we will provide you with the last power of humanity -- weapons, please use them to save our world.

Game features:
1. Use only one hand to avoid and destroy the zombie horde coming towards you from all sides.
2. The thrilling zombie siege is visually stunning.
3. In addition to killing all zombies, there are more interesting quests to complete.
4. Get more featured guns to make you better.
5. Challenge the best boss to prove you're the best.

So take up arms and start your challenge now!
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Mow Zombies APK - v1.4.7

Updated: 2020-09-12

What's new

-Before the start of the camp defense battle, we will have 1 minute to prepare for the battle.
-Optimize the weapon name, the weapon name shall suit the weapon's characteristics better.
-The badge of honor in the camp is not only a symbol of honor, the guards of the camp will become more and more motivated, and get more gold coins for everyone!
-Mushroom Landmine and Frozen Grenade can be tried once, survivors who have not experienced it yet, hurry up and try it.
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1.4.7 (173)2020-09-12
1.4.3 (168)2020-08-20
1.4.0 (157)2020-07-01
1.3.3 (156)2020-06-12
1.3.2 (155)2020-06-09
1.2.7 (145)2020-04-30
1.2.5 (143)2020-04-20
1.2.3 (141)2020-04-12
1.2.2 (140)2020-03-27
1.2.1 (139)2020-03-24
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