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Author's NotesExercises to actively stretch, build strength and train your body to feel good


movr is a healthy movement training app recommended by lululemon. Our easy-to-use, playful platform offers balanced strength and mobility training that is tailored to every user's needs and abilities. With a measurable approach rooted in science, movr is an effective daily tool for developing better movement for a more fulfilled life.

movr works with you to:

- Assess how you move so that you know exactly where to get started
- Identify focus areas to enable positive change in as little as 5 minutes a day
- Adapt to your ability to deliver tailored exercises that enable consistent progress
- Train with functional patterns that empower you to move your best
- Fit into any lifestyle or schedule, so you can always bring your best to whatever you do

No matter where you're starting from or where you're going, movr gives you a personalized path to improving your movement:

- Our Movement Assessment identifies physical barriers that may be limiting your progress or causing you discomfort
- Your Minis are 5-minute sessions that focus on your biggest areas of opportunity for fast improvement
- Builder helps you create custom workouts to build strength, develop mobility or increase endurance at a level that's right for you.

With the right exercises, for the right person, at the right time - everyone can improve the way they move. Our measurable, functional and personal approach to movement training gives you an accessible way to move and feel your best, every single day.
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movr – feel better with flexibility and strength APK - vHealthyAtHome

Updated: 2021-01-17

What's new

- Enhances workout flow by introducing a preview page before each exercise
- Gives movrs the ability to subscribe and to and receive custom minis and workouts tailored to their needs
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