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Author's NotesDecorate your campsite and house, collect resources and craft wild items!


Experience your life as a wild mouse in our new Mouse Simulator!
You are a little wild mouse with your own house, camp yard, and family. Collecting resources is what you like to do the most!
Multiple stunning locations are opened to explore in this mouse game - wild forest and tropical island.

The home location consists of your house and camp yard. House has multiple rooms that you can unlock. You can decorate your house with lots of cute and unique items! You can also decorate your huge yard or camp. Special outside objects can be placed there. Your wild mouse family will live here.

In this mouse game, you can complete quests and exchange them for resources needed to unlock furniture and decoration items.
Resources are scattered across locations and you must find them in this mouse simulator in order to complete quests. Quests also give you experience that will allow you to unlock new types of items! In some locations you may encounter wild animals like cat, dog, wolf so you must run away if you want to win this animal simulator!

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Wild decorations can be found in different collections of items. Unlock them all so you can decorate your campsite in any style you can imagine!
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Mouse Simulator - Wild Life Sim APK - v0.23

Updated: 2020-09-20

What's new

- Fighting with enemies!
- New big forest location
- Eat food to restore health!
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