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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesFeel the breath of spring wind by setting this 3D live wallpaper.


Spring in the mountains, what could be more beautiful? Nature wakes up after hibernation, every bush, every blade of grass stretches to the warm spring sun. A mountain lake also woke up, and enjoys the reflection of trees in the crystal clear water. All around wakes up, and with it the belief that everything will be fine!
These spring live wallpapers include beautiful sounds of nature and nightingale singing, which are great for meditation and relaxation. To start / stop playing music, double-click twice (really quick double-click) on any blank spot on the screen.

- Automatic background change over time;
- Sounds of nature and nightingale singing (double click to start / stop);
- Animated sky, clouds and rainbow;
- Dynamic display of the sky in the lakes;
- Moving 3D camera (tilt your device to create a 3D effect);
- Animated butterflies;
- Great balloons;
- Glowing stars and Perseids;
- Battery saving;
- High quality textures;
- 3D parallax;
- Three types of animated birds;
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Mountain Spring Live Wallpaper APK - v2.4.0

Updated: 2020-09-17

What's new

- Significantly improved image quality due to the new anti-aliasing system;
- Improved usability of the "golden keys" (required to open some additional options that were previously not available in the free version).
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2.4.0 (15)2020-09-17
2.3.0 (14)2020-04-01
2.2.0 (13)2020-03-26
2.1.1 (12)2020-03-19
2.0.1 (7)2020-02-17
2.0.0 (6)2020-02-15
1.2.0 (5)2019-02-13
1.1.0 (4)2018-04-08
1.0.2 (3)2018-03-26
1.0.1 (2)2018-02-22
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