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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's Notes🏆THE WORLD BEST K-POP IDOL GAME🏆Idol game recognized by real K-pop idol.



▶ Grow your small entertainment agency into a global TOP agency!
You are the BOSS who will choose a girl group or boy group to grow own agency.

▶The basic contract period with IDOLs is five years. Please make them into TOP IDOLs.
Of course, you can renew your contract after five years.

▶Make a recording through PRODUCING! If you choose a favorite theme for the public,
the number of records sales, music streaming and YouTube views will increase!
Of course, there may be a lot of album purchases among fans.

▶Get popular through the SCHEDULE! As you become more popular,
you will receive a variety of schedule exceptions!

▶Every Idol's Dream! Take the World Tour!
The chance to win a jackpot is only in CONCERT! Let's watch the fans with their light stick!

▶About Cloud saving and Cloud loading
>When you delete the game, all data will be disappeared. Please save by google cloud saving function at setting.
>After saving the data by google cloud save please load data by google cloud load at setting
>After reinstall the game the data is not loaded automatically.
Please skip the tutorial and load data at setting
>When you save the data Please check that you made exact data slot or not.
>If you don't get respond when you click the save/load button, please click the google icon button at setting. you can log in google account.

#Event is always in progress on #SNS. Please come!
#Please let me know immediately about any questions regarding bugs. Thank you.
#NOTICE : Data back up between android and iOS is not available.
it is available only between android and android.

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Monthly Idol APK - v7.73

Updated: 2021-01-21

What's new

-Happy 2nd Anniversary of MonthlyIdol!
Get 222 Emeralds at mail
-Add 13 new costumes
-Fixed some bugs
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7.73 (432)2021-01-21
7.72 (431)2021-01-13
7.7 (429)2021-01-01
7.66 (425)2020-12-22
7.65 (424)2020-12-12
7.64 (423)2020-12-08
7.63 (422)2020-11-19
7.61 (420)2020-11-10
7.6 (419)2020-11-06
7.59 (418)2020-11-01
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