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Author's NotesGenerate memes, send funny gifs and videos. Make your friends laugh


Mockie Talkie Fun Video MEME maker is an absolutely new way of exchanging messages with your friends!😎 Forget about the ordinary emoji & gif keyboards and old-school stickers and pictures! Our meme creator app will turn your text messages and emojis into funny video mash-ups with voice-overs. Share them with friends and have fun chatting with our meme generator!

Are you too shy to start a conversation with your crush? Or do you always stay away from group chats because nobody gets your memes? Step up in your texting game with Mockie Talkie meme creator app! Convert your text messages and emojis into memes by creating hilarious video compilations made of fragments from popular movies, TV series, cartoons, Vines and Youtube videos.😍

Now you can put your words into the mouths of your favourite Game of Thrones and Marvel characters, movie stars or even overtanned balding men named Donald. These and over 10,000 of other video clips are waiting for you to try them — share funny prank videos and meme jokes with your friends and have a good laugh together! Everyone is using funny gifs, stickers and photos for texting, so you should take the conversation to the next level - the app will become your personal gif creator and will add ultimate fun to your messaging!

What is better than funny pictures? Funny videos!😂

Mockie Talkie video meme maker is a creative app that works as video mix & match with voice-overs which is perfect for messengers, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, live chats rooms and other platforms. If you ever tried funny video makers - and you are a fan of live chat rooms like Whatsapp, Chat Roulette, Holla or Omegle - you are sure to like Mockie Talkie and the way it joins videos into funny collages.

You can also use a template for your jokes from Top Videos which we prepared for you - enjoy dozens of jokes with the most hilarious captions. Better than simple gif creator!
Сreate unique video messages and stories for any occasion – make meme jokes, play pranks or make your pick up lines finally work! You know boomers use old-school photos and images, so you should definitely stand out from the crowd!

Our mem app is super easy to use:

  • 1. Type the text you want to send

  • 2. Add preferred emojis

  • 3. Wait till Mockie Talkie algorithm generates the most hilarious mem videos with voice overs matching your texts

  • 4. Edit your clips if you want

  • 5. Save and send in a message!

👑Enjoy premium access 👑

With Premium access you get unlimited access to all the features of Mockie Talkie Fun MEME maker:

  • • Unlimited edits of your videos

  • • Unlimited access to the camera to create custom clips

  • • Full collection of compilations

  • • Save your content in our cloud

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Mockie-Talkie: Video Meme Creator | Fun Meme Maker APK - v1.0.5

Updated: 2020-04-04


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