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Author's NotesCreate custom audio software with PureData, play it on your mobile device!


MobMuPlat (short for Mobile Music Platform) lets you create your own custom audio software for Android, via the open-source audio environment PureData.

MobMuPlat hosts a list of user-created documents, each of which defines a user interface and audio engine. MobMuPlat can do synthesis, sampling, networking via local wifi, OSC messaging, set and query hardware characteristics, use device sensors, use MIDI and HID devices, display images/graphics, and much more.
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Creating your own work consists of two parts, both done on your laptop/desktop.
First, create the audio engine using the graphical programming language Pure Data (PD)
Second, either use the native PureData GUI, or create a graphical user interface (GUI) with the MobMuPlat Editor.

With PureData and the MobMuPlat Editor open, and data sent between the two, you can simulate the app behavior on your laptop/desktop. Once development is complete, send these files your mobile device and open them within MobMuPlat.

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MobMuPlat APK - v0.37

Updated: 2020-04-09

What's new

Fix 'native' pd GUI rendering on recent Android OS versions.
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