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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesTwo-Factor authentication provided by OneSpan is now in your pocket!


Mobile Authenticator Enterprise Security

This version can only be activated with Enterprise Security activation codes.

Two-Factor authentication provided by OneSpan is now in your pocket!
Mobile Authenticator Enterprise Security allow online users to safely connect to your enterprise application or networks from your mobile equipment.
Help on using this application is available on OneSpan website via the Mobile Authenticator Enterprise Security application.
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Mobile Authenticator ES APK - v4.24.0

Updated: 2020-12-22

What's new

Hotfix to address a bug that stopped the app from functioning for some users that were using earlier versions of the app and upgraded to Android 10 prior to updating the app.
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4.24.0 (42400)2020-12-22
4.23.0 (42300)2020-12-10
4.22.2 (42202)2020-10-08
4.22.1 (42201)2020-07-30
4.22.0 (42200)2020-07-28
4.21.0 (42100)2020-04-17
4.20.0 (42000)2020-04-02
4.19.0 (41900)2020-02-26
4.18.2 (41802)2019-10-24
4.18.1 (41801)2019-08-20
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