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Author's NotesParental Control app with sexting monitor, screen time control and more.


MMGuardian Parental Control gives parents the ability to set up comprehensive parental controls on their child's Android phone. MMGuardian can monitor and block text messages, block and monitor picture messages, among other parental control features.

MMGuardian Parental Control helps you to protect your child from cyberbullying and sexting, and stay in the know about their phone usage habits.

The app includes a range of Parental Control functions specifically designed for parents to be able to:

★ Take advantage of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be alerted when a potentially inappropriate image is detected as having been exchanged in an MMS picture message, or stored on your child’s phone.

★ Receive specific alerts when the content of your child’s SMS text messages may indicate cyberbullying, violence, suicidal thoughts, and more.

★ Block SMS or MMS messages with undesirable contacts

★ Block the ability for your child to send or receive picture messages (MMS).

★ Monitor detailed SMS text message history.

Additional Functions
The MMGuardian Parental Control app also includes optional functions enabling parents to:
Locate your child’s phone
Block and monitor phone calls
Limit screen time with a comprehensive App Control function
Lock the phone at pre-defined times
Enforce safe browsing with an advanced Web Filtering function.

Uninstall Protection
• The MMGuardian Uninstall Protection function hinders kids from removing or tampering with the app.
• If Uninstall Protection function has been enabled, the app's Device Administrator status must first be disabled in order to uninstall the app.
• To uninstall the app the easy way: open the app, enter your parent admin password and tap on the trash can icon at the top.

How To Keep Your Teen Safe
• Download the MMGuardian Parental Control Messenger App your child’s smartphone, and launch the app.
• Configure the app to be the default SMS messaging app on the phone, register the app, and follow the in-app guidance to set up the app.
• Configure the functions to your requirements and receive reports at the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal or the dedicated Parent App app for the parent's phone:

Watch our video on YouTube for how to install and register the app on your child's phone:

Free 14 Day Trial
All features are fully functional for the free 14-day trial period, after which continued use requires a subscription or license to be purchased. No purchase is required to activate the free trial.

Single phone subscriptions are available at USD $3.99 monthly or USD $34.99 annually, and a 5 Year License is available for USD $79.99. Family plans covering up to 5 devices are available at twice the single phone price.

Download today and help keep your teen safe with MMGuardian.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

For more information please visit our website:
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MMGuardian Parental Control App For Child Phone APK - v3.9.25

Updated: 2021-02-10

What's new

Please note most 1 star ratings are from kids, we highly recommend parents and kids have a conversation on why this app is necessary.

-Monitor Samsung & Google Messages
-Add support for predator alert
-Bug fixes

-Add support to Snapchat and TikTok
-Full Support of Youtube monitoring and Instagram
-Full Support of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Monitor
-Bug fixes

-Allow use of chrome and firefox for web filtering

-Google new policy compliance.
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3.9.25 (283)2021-02-10
3.9.23 (281)2020-12-30
3.9.22 (280)2020-12-22
3.9.21 (279)2020-11-22
3.9.20 (278)2020-11-03
3.9.18 (275)2020-08-22
3.9.16 (272)2020-05-22
3.9.10 (266)2020-03-23
3.9.8 (264)2020-03-19
3.9.6 (262)2020-01-26
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