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Author's NotesBaby Phone is a unique game among our educational games for kids kindergarten because this is a phone for kids...




Baby Phone is a unique game among our educational games for kids kindergarten because this is a phone for kids all in one. Our children phone has enormous kids entertainment and education potential as it helps babies learn numbers, learn animals, learn colours and musical instruments for kids.
Main features of the cell phone for kids:
1) Playing this baby first play phone kids can explore different animals for toddlers: a cat, a hare, a dog, a horse, a bear, a lion, a pig, a fox, an elephant. So, our kids baby phone with animals will introduce both wild and domestic animals for kids.
2) Learning animal sounds. Pushing any button with an image of a certain animal, babies will hear animal voice for kids. Playing the kids mobile phone babies will hear a cat mewing, a pig grunting, a dog barking, a horse neighing, a lamb bleating, a lion growling and other animals “speaking”.
3) Learning numbers for kindergarten interactive. Little kids are fond of playing with a toy phone for kids. After pushing buttons with numbers for kindergarten from 0 to 9 there will be as many red circles as the pushed button indicates. For example, when calling 1 in our baby telephone there is one circle, when calling 2 there are two circles, and so on.
4) Study of colors for kids. Enjoy learning colors for toddlers free: red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, white, black, violet. Babies will certainly like a special button with a rainbow which covers the phone screen of our baby phone app free with rainbow colors!
Getting acquainted with music instruments: piano, violin, saxophone, drum, accordion, harp, trumpet, guitar, balalaika and others. Calling the music instruments for toddlers the young musician will hear how they sound.
5) Our baby phone games for babies train fine motor skills, memory, enriches vocabulary and expands the horizon, develops a musical ear, curiosity and attentiveness.
6) The kid phone is available in English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese. Like all our educational games for kids nursery, the game is voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. So, your child will be able to learn colors toddler free, a lot of animals, kids 123 learning numbers and music instruments games in several foreign languages!
7) Our phone for babies is free to download, helping save your family budget and get free educational games for kindergarteners of high quality.
8) The kids phone with musical games for kids has lively and colorful interface, at the same time clear and intuitive, easy to deal with even for the youngest children.
The real baby phone can be recommended as:
- educational games for toddlers age 2;
- educational games for toddler age 3;
- educational games for kids 4 years;
- learning games for kids 5 years of age.
How to play baby phone talking:
Right after starting babyphone game the baby mode for your phone turns on. There are four baby phones to choose from, differing by educational thema. The first play phone for kids call presents numbers from 0 to 9. The second phone provides learning colors for kids free. The third babyphone helps kids learning animals in the following way. There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids - the most interesting and exciting part of the game when babies call a certain animal from the phone book. The animal answers the call and the child can hear its voice! The fourth phone teaches children to differentiate among various musical instruments. When a kid pushes a button with an image of a certain music instrument, there will be sounds of this instrument heard. You just choose any baby phone you like and enjoy your kid’s learning with fun!
There are catchy songs, music and rhymes in our baby phone which will provide at least 20 minutes of distraction for toddlers. The game was carefully made by a team of child psychologists, pedagogues and developers to provoke interest and positive emotions while children play it, also trigger their brains to think.
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