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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesMinesweeper for Android. YOU'LL LOVE IT!


Main features of minesweeper:

- Classic design
- Classic menu: you can select the level and options, clicking on them or sliding.
- 11 different levels.
- Sounds
- Time counter.
- Explosive end.
- Auto save and load.
- Responsive App: adapts to any screen size.

- Initiation: 8x8 board, 8 explosive mines
- Beginner: 9X9 board, 10 explosive mines
- Advanced: 12x12, 23 explosive mines
- Intermediate: 16X16, 40 explosive mines
- Expert: 16X30, 99 explosive mines
- Teacher: 27xF
- XL Initiation: 8xF
- Beginner XL: 9xF
- Advanced XL: 12xF
- Intermediate XL: 16xF
- Expert XL: 21xF
* F: means number of cells and mines are calculated according to screen size

How to play

- Flag: press the desired cell and do not release until you see the flag on the smile button.
- New game: press the yellow button smile.


The game consists in clearing all the squares of a screen that do not hide a mine.

Some boxes have a number, which indicates the number of mines in the surrounding cells. Thus, if a box has the number 3, it means that of the eight squares around (if it is not in a corner or edge) there are 3 with mines and 5 without mines. If a box is found without a number, it indicates that none of the neighboring boxes has a mine and these are discovered automatically.

If a square with a mine is discovered, the game is lost.

You can put a mark in the boxes that the player thinks there are mines to help discover those that are nearby.

The game also has a record system.
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Minesweeper APK - v13.3

Updated: 2020-08-08

What's new

optimized app.
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