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Size9.51 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's Notesis an application for android smartphone operating system


Here you can find all the add-ons, servers, skins, mobs, maps... Thanks to this tool, you can automatically download and install completely free.
This application requires Minecraft Pocket Edition

Welcome, Miner! Finally you've found the app to enhance your Minecraft PE experience with an ease of a single tap. No pain. Zero outdated content. Forget frustrating ad-loaded links and endless popups. Just imagine: all kinds of Minecraft add-ons, maps, skins, mods, textures, all sorted and tested for each and every version. Carefully picked and packed into this app for you to enjoy easy 1-click installation. I bet you were looking for some fresh cool stuff to spice up your favorite game - here it is, all yours.
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Minecraft Collector Mods APK - v1.3.5

Updated: 2020-09-15

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Version 1.3.0
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1.3.5 (135)2020-09-15
1.3.3 (133)2020-09-11
1.3.2 (132)2020-09-08
1.3.0 (130)2020-09-01
1.2.5 (125)2020-08-10
1.2.3 (123)2020-07-17
1.1.7 (117)2020-06-26