Rating3.9 ★ / 5
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OS RequireAndroid 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
Author's NotesA puzzle game where you collect memories and unravel a sci-fi based story.


In Mind Construct, embark into a minimalist sci-fi world as you attempt to collect memories and discover the fate of Earth-- and your own!

Solve colorful levels with quick movements and thoughtful gameplay, unlocking the secrets of the past every level!

The game features:

• Unique skill-based gameplay: Collect memories and avoid the barriers of your mind!
• A rich sci-fi story: Discover who you are... and the fate of the Earth!
• Mesmerizing levels: Each level is hand-crafted with beautiful colors and patterns.
• Instant-play: Incredibly easy to learn, with the first tap of the screen the game begins!
• Entrancing Music: With theatrical quality music, playing is a tranquil and relaxing experience.

Mind Construct is a casual game built within a deep sci-fi world. The rules of the game are simple-- but the secrets of your mind are not so easily unlocked!

For fans of Force Escape, learn the backstory of your frenzied escape from Earth!
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Mind Construct APK - v3.4.1

Updated: 2018-05-30

What's new

Added back button support.
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3.4.1 (3004001)2018-05-30
3.4.0 (3004000)2018-05-27
3.3.8 (3003008)2018-05-27
3.3.5 (3003005)2018-05-26
3.3.3 (3003003)2018-05-25
2.73 (2071017)2018-03-06
2.72 (2071016)2018-03-04
2.72 (2071015)2018-02-06
2.71.1 (2071014)2018-01-21
2.71.08 (2071008)2018-01-14