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Author's NotesMigraine Forecaster predicts occurrence of your migraine attack.


In order to demand more from migraine treatments, it’s important to understand your migraines. Migraine Forecaster can help by predicting the likelihood of a migraine attack. Simply record your migraines, triggers, and daily activities to start building your personalized daily migraine forecast.

Once you’ve tracked about 15 migraines, Migraine Forecaster creates your forecast based on uncontrollable triggers such as weather. For many people, changes in weather can trigger a migraine, or occur with other triggers to cause a migraine.

If your forecast is high, you can follow your doctor’s instructions to try to avoid it. If your forecast is low, you can enjoy your day as planned.

If you’ve ever wished you could know when your next migraine might happen, you’re not alone. Use Migraine Forecaster to get a heads up before it happens.


- Migraine Forecaster provides information that can help you determine when your next migraine may occur, so you can plan your day accordingly
- Migraine forecasts are personalized to you, after the app learns about your sensitivity to certain weather conditions
- Weather conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity and wind are automatically tracked, based on your location
- Migraine diary allows you to log your migraines and daily activities
- Migraine history allows you to track, edit and share your migraines with your doctor
- Record migraines and daily activity quickly, by selecting from a set of menu options
- Your information is anonymously stored
- Technology licensed by Second Opinion Health, Inc.
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Migraine Forecaster APK - v1.0

Updated: 2020-01-13

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1.0 (22)2020-01-13