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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesDim your screen and ease your sight!Night reading has never been so comfortable


If you use your device in places with very low light or no light at all, even the minimum brightness of your screen might hurt your eyes.
Midnight is here to help you reduce your screen brightness below the minimum!

✓ Ease your sight, reduce eyestrain
✓ Save battery (only if your device has AMOLED display)
✓ Persistent notification with controls for quick access. No need to switch apps!
✓ Slightly change the screen filter color to better adjust the screen to your likings
✓ Automatic mode will start or stop the screen filter when the screen is turned on in dark places

Night reading has never been so comfortable! Midnight creates a screen filter to dim the brightness below the minimum.
Use your phone in very-low-light environments without hurting your eyes or bothering people around you, in the movie theater for example! We recommend you to try out the automatic mode in this situations.

Are your screen colors too cold? Maybe too warm? The screen filter can slightly change the color to ease your sight even more, there are three different colors for you to choose from.

If you have any problem with our application, we will appreciate if you send an email to us describing the problem. It will give us a much better chance to fix your issue.
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Midnight (Night Mode) APK - v3.1.7

Updated: 2018-12-16

What's new

- Fix app crash.
- Fixed Scheduled mode, Emergency exit and widget in Oreo.
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3.1.7 (31701)2018-12-16
3.1.3 (31304)2018-03-08
3.1.2 (31201)2018-01-14
3.1.1 (31101)2018-01-08
3.1.0 (31003)2017-12-14
3.0.7 (30701)2017-08-15
3.0.6 (30608)2017-08-13
3.0.5 (30502)2017-07-22
2.1.0 (21006)2016-08-22
2.0.7 (20704)2016-04-05
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