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Author's NotesFall in love with the anime prince of your dreams in Midnight Cinderella!


In a twist of fate, you've become the princess of your country. Your first task? Choosing your prince. And the palace is full of anime-style hot guys!
Will you pick the sassy knight? The icy duke? Your seductive palace tutor? The mysterious king of a neighboring country?
Midnight Cinderella is a love simulation/otome dating/anime game filled with gorgeous men, drawn in anime style, who can't wait to romance you!
In this beautifully illustrated interactive game, each day you'll receive 5 free Chapter Tickets to progress through your royal love story.
To complete the Cinderella fairytale, you'll win or obtain a full wardrobe of adorable clothes and accessories to dress your avatar in!
Experience a fairytale world of horse-drawn carriages, balls, and gowns. Here, your choices determine your destiny!
Free to download and free to play! Simply immerse yourself in this world, and your happy ending with the man of your dreams awaits.

You've grown up a humble commoner in your home country of Wysteria, until one day you end up chosen as the princess elect!
The King's health is failing and he has no heirs, so it's up to you to select the next King to rule by your side.
With a host of sexy men coming and going from the palace, who will be your first choice?

■A Dazzling Cast of Potential Princes■
・Alyn Crawford
"It's a knight's duty to keep his princess safe."
Captain Alyn Crawford protects the King and Princess as the head of the Royal Wysterian Guard, the order of knighthood.
At first you find him gruff and surly, but you soon discover he's fiercely loyal to those he cares about, with a strong sense of duty and honor.
In the end, he'll sacrifice anything for the one he loves.

・Louis Howard
"The palace is no place for a girl like you."
This young Wysterian duke boasts an otherworldly beauty. He's undeniably elegant, but awfully cold.
As you grow closer to him through dance lessons, you begin to see signs that his ice can melt...

・Giles Christophe
"Your Highness possesses a talent for making me lose my composure."
Endowed with a keen intellect, the royal chamberlain is the main tutor of the princess elect.
Though seemingly absorbed with his many duties, you soon learn that he's serious about making sure you gain the proper experience.

・Leo Crawford
"Now that I've held you in my arms, I can't let you go again."
With a flirtatious attitude to match his charisma, this playful bureaucrat can be seen hanging out in the halls of the palace.
You might be surprised to find out that this palace playboy also has a more serious side to him.

・Byron Wagner
"I want to keep you all to myself."
The eligible young king of Stein, a nation shrouded in mystery.
Rumors of Byron's stern manner have made their way across the border, but he's also fiercely beloved by his people. Will you be the first woman he opens up to?

You get to choose! What will your happily ever after be like?
This is a love simulation otome game of royal proportions!

■Play Fun Mini Games to Level Up Yourself and Your Prince■
Try the Fashion Grab Bag and Garden Gacha to win cute anime-like clothes and accessories for you and your prince!
Compete with other princesses and raise your stats in the Princess Lessons mini game!
Take your gameplay to the next level by totally customizing your avatar's look. Tons of fashions, chic styles, and three skin tones are available!
Dress up your love interest for the perfect day out together.

■Enjoy In-Game Story Events for a New Experience with Your Suitor!■
Anime-like story events often occur in the land of Midnight Cinderella. They are free and require no Chapter Tickets to read! Play to experience the drama of exciting mini stories outside of the main story. Get into new situations with your favorite suitors, and clear endings to get bonus items and attire pieces!
Team up with your friends to clear the events faster and get every event ending!

*1・・・Free to Play (In-Game Payable Content Available)
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Midnight Cinderella:Otome Anime Game

Fall in love with the anime prince of your dreams in Midnight Cinderella!

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