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Author's NotesMichigan county road agency seasonal weight restrictions on the go!


The County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan’s County Road Seasonal Weight Restrictions Mobile app brings you seasonal weight restriction information on the go.

A common business interaction with a county road agency involves seasonal weight restrictions – sometimes called “frost laws.” While roads are concrete and asphalt and look indestructible, they can actually be quite fragile in late winter as frost comes out of the ground.

Because of this, all county road commissions and departments reduce allowable weight loads, usually from March and maybe into May, depending on weather, soil type and the part of Michigan.

The Mich. County Road Seasonal Weight Restrictions app provides users with: 
A map of county road agencies with weight restrictions enacted; 
A list of restricted roads by county; 
The ability to pull a permit online; and 
A signup form to receive email notifications by county so you know exactly when that county is putting seasonal weight restrictions on, and taking them off.

Brought to you in partnership with the Michigan Transportation and Infrastructure Association (MITA) and the Great Lakes Timber Producers Association (GLTPA)!
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Mich. County Road Seasonal Weight Restrictions APK - v1.0.1

Updated: 2021-02-26

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