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Author's NotesDigital metronome


Electronic Metronome is a device that produces an audible click or other sound at a regular interval (tempo) that can be set by the user. Used by musicians as a simulator to train the feeling of rhythm. It is used when playing music on musical instruments: guitar, violin, drum, piano, synthesizer and others.
Metronomes have high accuracy of musical rhythm reproduction. Metronome has a visual representation of tempo, rhythm, strong and weak beats. The application is designed in modern style - Material Design.

Main functions:
- Set the tempo speed of the music.
- The range is from 20 to 300 beats per minute (BPM).
- Set a specified number of musical beats
- Setting up strong beats and weak beats
- Sound selection
- Adjust the sound volume
- Save current settings
- Free metronome
- Rhythmometer
- Modern Design - Material Design
- Switch between light and dark theme

Our application is available for free.
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Metronome APK - v3.7-release

Updated: 2020-12-12

What's new

bug fixes
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3.7-release (40)2020-12-12
3.5-release (38)2020-12-06
3.2-release (35)2020-09-28
3.0.1-release (32)2020-01-22
2.0.4-release (31)2019-07-23
2.0.1-release (26)2019-02-19
1.4-release (4)2018-12-13