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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesAn addicting merge RPG game. Upgrade your idle heroes and get to the top.


An addicting merge RPG game. Upgrade your idle heroes and get to the top.

This game is unique because of the non-standard combination of classic RPG and casual indie games. Enjoy all the RPG game features with exciting gameplay, storyline, as well as quests to complete on the way to your goal, improving your character. However, to start playing Mergy, this Merge RPG, as any indie game, you don't need to have any additional skills. Just click on the screen to your idle merge heroes gears and defeat enemies.

Upgrade your armor
Combine and upgrade weapons for attack and shields to reflect enemy blows. While your hero keeps fighting for you, you can improve his armor to increase the chances of success.

Upgrade your character
Like all of us, your character needs development, enhancing skills. Help your favorite idle hero get stronger and better. Only true masters can fight bosses that appear to be harder and harder as you progress through the game. Stay one step ahead of your enemies.

Become a hero
Fight valiantly to the bitter end, become cooler every day and you will feel like a real hero. Yes, the gameplay is so addicting that you will forget about everything in the world in that idle heroes games. Follow the lead of your virtual character and don't forget to evolve in the real world.
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Mergy: Merge RPG game - Idle heroes games APK - v2.4.8.6

Updated: 2020-10-23

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2.4.5 (29)2020-10-19
2.3.0 (27)2020-10-14
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2.0.1 (21)2020-10-01
2.0.0 (20)2020-09-29
1.4.0 (18)2020-09-23
1.3.5 (17)2020-09-18
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