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Author's NotesMemory Tower belongs to educational games for kids kindergarten aimed to improve memory and concentration skills of children of young...




Memory Tower belongs to educational games for kids kindergarten aimed to improve memory and concentration skills of children of young preschool age in the fun game format. It is well known that in order to remember things better it is necessary to train memory. Our bright, animated and appetizing memory kids game will help you develop super memory for your babies.
Main features of our improve memory power games:
Memory training with the help of so called towers of memory for kids. There are four towers in the memory games for toddlers. The towers are on different topics but they are predominantly food games for kids. So, what tower are there in our memory trainer:
The first tower of our memory enhancer games is ice cream games. Here the The sweets games will raise the appetite, because the baby will meet such tasty things as wafer tubules, berries, balls of different ice cream.
The second tower of memory games for kids of 3 to 4 years is candy games. Beautiful, juicy, sweet candies of different shapes that can be met in our lollipop games - aren’t they the most effective to attract your baby’s attention to train his or her memory?
The third tower of mind development games for kids is cats game. Suddenly, right? Of course, this is not about sweets, but the games with cats are not less interesting and enthralling. Here the cats will wait for the child after the correct performance of all the tasks of this level. Playing these puzzle memory games kids will see everything that is connected with the life of a domestic cat and without which a cat can not live - an aquarium fish, a flower pot, a bird in a cage, a ball of yarn, a mouse with a piece of cheese and even sausages! Do you see how much your baby will learn about cats, playing our educational games for kids nursery?
The last - fourth - tower of kids brain development games for 3 years is very appetizing again, as this is hamburger games for kids. Passing the levels of our burger games, your baby will get a good appetite for a healthy meal as the educational games for kindergarteners will present meatballs, tomatoes, olives, lettuce...Well, even the doors of the tower of our educational games for preschoolers are made of bacon, and the plates are the sunny-side-up-eggs! Yum-yum!
2) The entertaining games for kids develop the child in every possible way: develop fine motor skills, logic, thinking, train perseverance, imagination, curiosity and other skills.
3) Our baby educational app is available in Russian, English, Spanish and other languages. All our educational games for babies are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction.
4) All our educational games for child are developed in close cooperation of children's psychologists, teachers and illustrators. Therefore, our games for preschool children have such a colorful, but at the same time simple and intuitive interface, which any kid can easily and quickly deal with. Bright colors and funny animations contribute to toddler entertainment as they include matching for kids.
5) All our games for children can be downloaded for free. Children educational apps for free are a real godsend for families with limited budgets, because without spending a cent you get a wonderful educational game for your baby
How to play:
On the main screen the kid will see the first tower made of ice cream. Navigation is simple - to play with a tower of ice cream, the child just clicks on it. To get to the tower of candies, the tower with cats, and the hamburger tower the baby should click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to the left or to the right. Every tower has 4 levels with increasing complexity. On each level the kid needs to open the windows in pairs to find 2 identical sweets.
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