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Author's NotesThe app for keeping your memories alive. Your life deserves more than a shoebox.


Transforming the way we remember and preserve our legacies for family, friends and future generations, Australian-owned Memories lets you share the story of your life in your own words.

It’s where memories keep living. Because a photo on the mantelpiece doesn’t tell your full story.

Upload photos and videos to create a visual timeline that captures the real story; the places, moments, and milestones that have shaped your life and who you are today. Share with friends and family and invite them to collaborate and contribute their own memories and photos. Private, secure, forever.

Paint the full picture, rather than a fading photograph. Create timelines for yourself or family members past and present, including beloved pets. Use it to capture the story of your favourite organisations too, from your local sports club to the family business. Keep the stories and your memories alive for future generations.

Upload and save photos, videos, and documents for your family history safely and securely into your Memories Vault, with 1GB storage.

Memories also lets you record messages to be sent to loved ones weeks, months or years into the future so you can still be there for life’s milestones.

Memories App Features include:

VISUAL TIMELINE. It’s easy to create a beautiful timeline full of the colour of your life. Make one for yourself, someone else or even a business or community group. Allow family and friends to view and contribute, or keep just for yourself.

VAULT. Securely upload and store photos, videos, and other documents of your personal or family history.

FUTURE MESSAGES. Record and schedule special messages to be sent to your loved ones weeks, months or years in the future.

COLLABORATE AND CONNECT. Invite friends and family to add and share their own memories, or create a timeline for someone else together.

PRIVATE AND SECURE. Easy-to-use privacy controls give you total control over who can view and contribute to your timeline. Your data is yours, always - download at any time.

AD-FREE. No busy news feed or unsolicited advertising - just the stories you want to see.

SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS. Free to create up to three timelines, or upgrade to an advanced package to unlock even more benefits and features.

TECH SUPPORT: Access 24/7 chat support or contact us via phone to help with any tech issues.

MADE FOR YOU: Regular updates with new features and advancements to make your Memories experience even better.
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Memories - Keep Living APK - v1.6.1

Updated: 2020-12-16

What's new

Easily edit your timeline settings and images from the timelines page, plus other updates
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1.6.1 (255)2020-12-16
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