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Author's NotesDaily affirmations / beliefs to achieve your goals. Set affirmations reminders


Set daily, life-changing affirmation reminders to achieve your goals with the most unique and helpful affirmations app.

What do you want to change? What are your goals? Affirmations are just beliefs that you should repeat on a daily basis, thus contributing to their being rooted deeply in your conscious and, consequently, your subconscious mind. This daily affirmations app is your new #1 source of positive affirmations for life and with the goal setting & goal tracker features it can also serve as a great tool for success.

With our affirmation app, you will be reminded automatically every day of your goals. You will receive a short notification on your mobile once a day (in the premium version several times a day) at a time convenient for you. Through daily reading and daily remembering, you literally program your subconscious mind to reach your goal(s). Getting words of affirmation is extremely helpful to stay focused to achieve your goals. My Affirmations is here to help you achieve your goals by serving you as an affirmation reminder and motivational planner!

Don’t know where to start and what affirmations to use? With our affirmations app you automatically get a list of positive affirmations that are already formulated on the topics:
- Health
- Success
- Happiness
- Prosperity and money
- Self-confidence
- Positive thinking / Gratitude Affirmations
- Finding love
- Relationships
- Losing weight.

Could not find anything suitable? No problem, just insert your own affirmations and beliefs and get reminders. Make use of our goals planner too and achieve anything you want in life!

Personalize your affirmations with a background image from our gallery or in the premium version with your own image. You can also add your own music. Customize your positive affirmations to make them even more personal!

Do you need more or different affirmations or a new positive mindset? Add your own affirmations like for healing, self-esteem, wealth, money, soul or even religious ones/ bible/ christian affirmations. The sky is the limit.

The important thing is to write exactly what you want and not what you do not want. It is best to formulate it as if it would already be a reality, e.g., "I am successful" (instead of "I want to be"), "I have found the love of my life", "I have a sum of xy in my account", "I am magically attracting happiness", "My body is healthy and strong", "My weight is xy kg and I keep it like that." For example, if you would write "I'll lose weight", then the affirmation philosophy says that you do just that, you will lose weight, and if you should gain weight again, you will lose it again.

Say what you want and not what you do not want and let it be a reality in your affirmation, even if you are still not there. You’ll be surprised how affirmation cards and daily positive affirmations can change your life if used in the right way!

Are you very critical of yourself? Then you can also tackle that: "I will be more self-confident every day and take on more and more", "I see more and more also positive things", "I trust myself more every day".

Now go, get anything you want in life with our affirmations for self esteem and positive affirmations for success!

We are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions for improvement but also compliments ;).

Thank you for trying out our affirmations app.
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My Affirmations Daily Affirmation Reminder & Goals APK - v1.4

Updated: 2018-12-07

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