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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesMeazurem is a modern remote monitoring solution in your pocket.


Monitor and protect your valuables with online wireless sensors.

Wouldn't it be nice to check the temperature of a remote location with your phone? With Meazurem, it's easy to check and monitor temperature, humidity and pressure remotely.

▸ Meazurem is a modern remote monitoring solution in your pocket. You can monitor the environmental conditions and protect the things you care about. Whether you want to optimise the bedroom temperature or monitor garage humidity, this is a must-have tool!

Meazurem is easy to setup and use. Your measurements are stored online in the Meazurem Cloud and you can access the data with this app.

Do you want to build a local wireless weather station? Knowing the current outdoor conditions help you pick the correct outfit for outdoor activities. Now it's easy to monitor the conditions in a greenhouse and garage too, for example.

Do you want an email alert when the temperature outside drops below zero? Or do you want a push alert to your phone when the fridge door is left open? We got you covered with user defined custom alerts. You can even configure SMS alerts to detect the most important events such as about to be frozen water pipes.

Do you need a remote temperature logger? Use Meazurem to view the history and detect trends or deviations in the data.

★ Meazurem is your online temperature / humidity / pressure monitoring solution. Download and try the service today! ★

Please note that Meazurem requires separate purchase of RuuviTag, Tempo Disc, Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth, Inkbird IBS-TH1 or SensorPush sensor hardware that is not included with the service.

A separate gateway software is also required. The gateway is available for Android and Raspberry Pi, and it's totally free.

This app is free to download but to use all the features, a paid subscription is required.

We are glad to help you out if you have any issues or concerns. You can reach us at

Please visit our website,, for more information and tutorials.
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Meazurem - remote sensor monitoring APK - v1.5.2

Updated: 2020-06-02

What's new

Further stability and performance improvements to make monitoring your sensors as easy as possible.

If you're happy with the app, please rate it, or even leave a review. This is a great way to support us indie developers. Thanks!
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