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OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesMagnetic balls neon bubble shooter. Funny physics balls like magnet balls.


Shooting balls is fun, challenge yourself in the magnetic balls bubble shooter.


* fast bubble shooting by tap or sliding actions
* laser beam helps to shoot precisely tap on the field
* supports gyroscope and accelerometer
* realistic physics of magnetic balls
* precise geometry of shooting by sliding or tapping
* combination of the best old school addictive arcades and puzzles

Top-10 reasons install bubble shooter:

* if you love shoot bubbles - install glowing neon bubbles timekiller with magnetic physics and geometry in futuristic style of hi-tech minimalism
* challenge yourself and have fun - casual and very interesting challenges at each level
* have fun - play while on the road or take your mind off your problems
* addictive arcade bubble shooter for training ability to judge by eye, speed and reaction - challenge yourself by quickly shooting bubbles by simply use tap or slide, balancing gyroscope and aiming with laser beam
* immerse yourself in the exciting world of casual puzzles of bubble shooter with geometry, physics and graphics glow neon bubbles at the top level of year 2018
* search new games of 2018 - this is your choice, casual puzzle in futuristic style of glowing neon hi-tech minimalism
* if you love old school games, this is your choice - dynamic arcade puzzle gameplay creates atmosphere of old school classic games of the 80-90es in a cyberpunk style
* dynamic gameplay is addictive bubble shooter puzzle at gyroscope, use pressing on field for laser aiming by slide shooting balls, bombs or lightnings
* search best mobile games - top-ranked first part of this game "Magnetic balls" of more than 5,000,000 players
* if you nostalgic sci-fi, hi-tech or classic old games in cyberpunk style - this is your choice
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Magnetic balls 2: Neon APK - v1.339

Updated: 2020-11-03

What's new

Added new quests and rewards. Installed version 29 of api android. Improved support for modern phones.
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1.339 (339)2020-11-03
1.338 (338)2020-11-01
1.330 (330)2020-10-04
1.329 (329)2020-10-02
1.317 (317)2020-06-26
1.316 (316)2020-06-16
1.312 (312)2020-06-08
1.308 (308)2020-06-01
1.307 (307)2020-05-22
1.231 (231)2020-03-22
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