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Size9.64 MB
OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesAmplify audio on the device up to 200%. Sound Enhancer for speaker & headphone.


🔊 Max Volume booster and Sound Amplifier is a great tool, it can amplify the volume on your device to very high. You do not need to spend time searching for other software or support programs. With the Volume booster - Audio Amplifier application, with just one operation, the volume on your phone has increased to 200%. Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, the volume booster can make sound louder than the system default.

🎧 Music booster and speaker booster not only increase volume, it is also a great offline music player. With a beautiful music spectrum and volume equalizer, you'll feel like a real DJ. We will constantly update the new music spectrum movements in the next releases.

♫ Volume amplifier for all audio media, including music player, movie and game volume.
♫ Sound booster of system sounds: ringtone volume, notification volume, alarm tone.
♫ Sound enhancer works best with headphones. Enhance headphone volume without reducing sound quality.
♫ Spectrum beautiful and direct sound when you play music on this application.
♫ Easy to use offline music player, with full of music player features. Play the available music in your device.
♫ Professional audio equalizer with many equalizing standards available. With 5 bands, you can customize the output sound according to your preference.
♫ Bass and virtual equalizer to improve sound quality.
♫ Attractive music player interface, designed like a radio, easy to use and friendly to everyone.
♫ Provide many music spectrum effects for you to choose.
♫ The theme change feature, with many attractive colors for you to choose (Will be available in the next few versions).
♫ No need to root the device.

With volume booster and music booster, you can enhance the sound and enjoy sound fidelity like never before. You can also enjoy listening to music in great music with the most convenient audio boost music player. ♫♫
This application is free for everyone. Download and enjoy great music experience with the best sound quality. ♫♫

- Playing the volume at too loud a long time may damage your speaker, and there is a risk that your hearing may be negatively affected. We recommend that you increase the volume step by step to get the best sound level.
- The built-in music player can only play music available in your device. NOT a music downloader and cannot download music.
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Max Volume Booster – Sound Amplifier & Equalizer APK - v4.0

Updated: 2020-10-23

What's new

- Volume Booster
- Volume amplifier for all audio media
- Spectrum beautiful and direct sound
- Easy to use offline music player
- Professional audio equalizer
- Bass and virtual equalizer to improve sound quality
- Premium Version
- Beautiful Themes Collection
- Bug fixed
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