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Chinese Poker is commonly used to refer to a different card game, Big Two. The term may also refer to a Vietnamese card game, Thirteen (card game). Chinese poker also known as "Thirteen cards" is a card game based on poker hand rankings.

The rules are simple—only a basic knowledge of poker hand rankings is needed to get started. There is a large element of luck involved, therefore a beginner has a good hance of winning in the short term, even against experienced opponents. The game format results in frequent unexpected wins and high-ranking hands.

*Download Chinese poker offline and free to play anywhere (no internet required). We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to rate 5* or review us on Google Play Store.

- Free to play Chinese Poker XoViet without an account.
- Play Chinese Poker offline without the Internet Connection.
- Auto mode, handsfree, save more time.
- No banner ads during on table.
- Free 1000 Chip for each player.
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Mau Binh - Binh Xap Xam APK - v2.1.1

Updated: 2018-10-04

What's new

- Update the new UI
- Upgrade Leaderboard
- Improve performance
- Fixed some bugs
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2.1.1 (25)2018-10-04
1.3.1 (21)2018-03-10
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1.2 (17)2017-09-12
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