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Author's NotesPrepare for school exam by practicing with these math exercises.


Improve your math fluency through thousands of multiple-choice tests. This app will make math for primary and secondary school students available instantly in your device! You will receive a grade at the end of each test. It contains theory as well!

For 1st grade:
- addition and subtraction
- basic geometry figures

For 2nd grade:
- long multiplication and division
- ten based system and place value
- metric and US standard units of measurements (time, length, weight, volume, area)

For 3rd grade:
- order of operations
- rounding of numbers
- Roman numerals and the Greek alphabet

For 4th grade:
- fractions and decimals

Results and test history are tracked. You can review your mistakes and progress. It is like having dozens of math worksheets and exercises directly in your device with results and solutions immediately available. Since it works offline you learn to solve math and algebra problems whenever you want! The exercises are ideal for better math fluency and are suitable for kids and adults as well.

To cover the complete curriculum, app also includes divisibility, negative numbers, equations, inequalities, geometry, powers and exponents, set theory and functions.
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Math Tests - mathematics practice questions APK - v1.9.1

Updated: 2021-03-05

What's new

* New questions
* Minor improvements and bug fixes
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1.9.1 (87)2021-03-05
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